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The First Eight-Channel, 34V Digital-Input Serializer

Posted: 17.06.2008 15:26

Integrate your inputs
The first eight-channel, digital-input serializer

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The industry's first eight-channel, 34 V digital-input serializer, the SN65HVS882, has the highest input density on the market. Integrated features reduce the number of required components, saving up to 60% board space and creating a flexible, cost-effective solution. Simplify your design process and speed time to market with the SN65HVS882 digital-input serializer from TI.

That's High-Performance Analog>>Your Way™


Highest input density and smallest board space

Lowest system power

Fewer µController I/O

Highest level of integration


Eight inputs

High input voltage: up to 34 V

Selectable debounce filters: 0 to 3 ms

Input current limits adjustable from 200 µA to 5.2 mA

Field pins protected to 15-kV HBM ESD

Output drivers for external status LEDs

Cascadable in multiples of eight for 160 plus inputs

SPI-compatible interface

Regulated 5-V output for external isolator or other digital logic

Over-temperature indicator

Video cast

Watch the video cast to learn more about the SN65HVS882.