Searching for MM7317BN and EA7317B

Allgemeine Typen Anfragen zu nicht gefundenen Bauteilen.<br>
Inquiry for unknown or unidentified components.


Re: Suche / search for mm7317bn



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Re: Suche / search for mm7317bn

Unread post by » 17.09.2009 18:57

C.Rama Murthy wrote:Inquiry from
Type: mm7317bn
Prod: National Semiconductor
Case: PDIP40 pin
Device: Clock/calendar IC
Info: This is pin compatible with EA7317b
Search for data sheet: x, Pinout: Comparisontypes: Component: Amount: 0
Inquiry from: C.Rama Murthy in Company: Honeywell
we don't find the mm7317b, but i will try to find the data sheet of ea7317b, we have an entry in our data base to the original data book.
We have to search in our archive and if the info is helpful we will scan the data book.
Please give us a little more time.
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Re: Suche / search for mm7317bn


- searching -

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Unread post by Heinrich » 24.09.2009 16:41

Dear Sir,

sorry but we did find the entry in the data book, but it is only a short info, not a useful data sheet.
If we will get further info i will inform you. I will add this entry into the unkown types folder :(
ECA Team
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P.S. It would be great if we receive a feedback too.
P.P.S Would be very happy to receive a comment, sometimes i think nobody read our answers.

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