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by C.Rama Murthy
16.09.2009 17:54
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Topic: Suche / search for mm7317bn
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Suche / search for mm7317bn

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Type: mm7317bn
Prod: National Semiconductor
Case: PDIP40 pin
Device: Clock/calendar IC
Info: This is pin compatible with EA7317b
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Inquiry from: C.Rama Murthy in Company: Honeywell
by C.Rama Murthy
26.07.2009 18:14
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Topic: Suche / search for LM8365
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Suche / search for LM8365

Inquiry from Type: LM8365 Prod: Sanyo Semiconductors,Japan Case: PDIP 42 pin Device: Digital clock IC Info: Unfortunately Nat Semi also uses the same part number for a micro supervisor, but I need INFO OF SANYO digital clock IC.Request you to email this data sheet in English pr...