Audio Solutions Guide
  Table of Contents
  TI Worldwide Technical Support
  Audio Systems Overview
  Design Considerations
    Data Converters Overview
    Audio Amplifiers Overview
    Clocks Overview
Home Theater Products
  AV Receivers
    Typical AV Receiver Block Diagram
    TAS5518: 8-Channel, 110-dB Digital Audio PWM Processor
    TAS5182: Stereo Digital Amplifier Power Stage Controller
    TSB43CA43A/CA42/CB43A: Second-Generation, IEEE 1394a Integrated Link/PHY
    PCM1602A/09A: 24-Bit, 192-kHz, Multilevel Delta-Sigma DACs
    TS3A5018: 10-Ohm Quad SPDT Analog Switch
    TS3A5017: 14-Ohm Dual SP4T Analog Switch
  DVD Receivers
    TI Solutions for All Key Power Levels
    DVD Receiver Block Diagram
    PCM1802: Single-Ended Analog Input Stereo ADC
    PCM1803A: Single-Ended Analog Input, 24-Bit, 96-kHz Stereo ADC
    PCM1804: Differential Input High-Performance Stereo ADC
    PCM1791A: Advanced Segment Audio Stereo DAC
    TAS5086: 6-Channel Digital Audio PWM Processor
    TAS5186A: 6-Channel, 5 x 30-W + 1 x 60-W Power Stage
    TAS5142/52: 2-Channel, 100-/125-W Power Stages
    PCM1680: 24-Bit, 192-kHz, Enhanced Multilevel Delta-Sigma Audio DAC
    PCM178x: High-Performance Stereo DAC Converter
    PCM1753/4/5: Stereo 192-kHz, 24-Bit DACs
    TAS5508B: 8-Channel Digital Audio PWM Processor
  Shelf Systems/Minicompo
    Shelf Systems/Minicompo System Block Diagram
    TAS3103A: Digital Audio Processor
    PCM270x/290x: Stereo Audio DACs and Codecs
    TS5A3357: Single 5-Ohm SP3T Analog Switch
    TS5A3359: 1-Ohm SP3T Analog Switch with Enable
Flat-Panel TVs and Displays
  LCD TVs, Multifunction Monitors and Plasma-Display TVs
    Audio Signal Path for LCD TV and Multifunction Monitors
    Audio Signal Path for Plasma-Display TV
    TPA3101D2/00D2: 10/20-W Stereo Class-D Audio Amplifier
    TPA3001D1: 20-W Mono Class-D Audio Amplifier
    TPA3300D2: 20-W Digital Power Stage
    TAS5504: 4-Channel I2S to PWM Processor
    TPA3200D1: 20-W Mono Digital Amplifier
    TPA3008D2/05D2: 10-W Stereo Class-D Audio Amplifiers
    TPA6110A2: Stereo Headphone Amplifier
    TPA3004D2/02D2: 12-W Stereo Class-D Audio Amplifiers
    TPA2008D2: 3-W Stereo Class-D Audio Amplifier
    TPA6030A4: 3-W Stereo Class-AB Audio Amplifier
    TPA6021A4: 2-W Stereo Class-AB Audio Power Amplifier
    TPA505x: I2S Lip Sync Delay IC
    TAS5122: 30-W Digital Amplifier Power Stage
    TS3DV520: 5-Channel Differential 10:20 MUX Switch for DVI/HDMI Applications
    TS3DV416: 4-Channel Differential 8:16 MUX Switch for DVI/HDMI Applications
    SN74AVCXT245/LVCXT245: Dual-Supply Level Translators
    PCF8574/A: 8-Bit Bidirectional I2C-Bus I/O Expanders
    PCF8575/C: 16-Bit Bidirectional I2C-Bus I/O Expanders
    PCA9539: 16-Bit I/O Expander with Interrupt and Reset
    CDCE906: Programmable 3-PLL Clock Synthesizer/Multiplier/Divider
    CDCD5804: Rambus® XDR’ Clock Generator
    PCM1850/1: Stereo ADC with Input Multiplexer
    PCM1807: Single-Ended Analog Input, 24-Bit, 96-kHz Stereo ADC
Portable Audio
  Digital Still Camera (DSC) Block Diagram
  MP3 Player Block Diagram
  Portable Media Player (PMP) Block Diagram
  Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) Block Diagram
  Smart Phone/Feature Phone Block Diagram
  Voice Over IP (VoIP) Phone Block Diagram
  Portable DVD Player Block Diagram
  Complete Portable Power Solutions
  TLV320AIC33: Low-Power, Stereo Audio Codec
  TLV320AIC32/31: Low-Power, Stereo Audio Codec
  TLV320AIC28/29: Low-Power Audio Codec for Portable Applications
  TSC2101/11: High-Performance "Smart" Touch-Screen Controllers
  TLV320AIC23B/DAC23: High-Performance, Low-Power Audio Converters
  TLV320AIC12K/14K/20K/24K: Low-Power Voice-Band Converters
  PCM3792: Low-Power Stereo Audio Converter
  PCM3008: Low-Power, Low-Voltage Stereo Audio Converter
  TLV320AIC26/DAC26: High-Performance, Low-Power Audio Converters
  TSC2100/02: High-Performance "Smart" Touch-Screen Controllers
  TSC2301/02: High-Performance "Smart" Touch-Screen Controllers
  PCM177x: Low-Voltage, Low-Power Stereo DACs
  TPA6203A1: 1.5-W Mono Class-AB Audio Amplifier
  TPA6211A1/6204A1: 3.1/1.7-W Mono Class-AB Audio Amplifiers
  TPA2005D1: 1.4-W Mono Class-D Audio Amplifier
  TPA2010D1: 2.5-W Mono Class-D Audio Amplifier
  TPA2032D1/33D1/34D1: 2.1-W Mono Class-D Audio Amplifiers
  TPA2012D2: 2.1-W Stereo Class-D Audio Amplifier
  TS5A23157/A3157: Dual Single-Pole/Double-Throw 5-V Analog Switch
  TS5A23159/A3159: Single-Pole/Double-Throw Analog Switch
  SN74AVCA406/L: MMC, SD, Memory Stick’, SmartMedia’ and xD-Picture Card’ Transceiver
  SN74LV4320A: CompactFlash’ Interface Transceiver
  PCA9545A: 4-Channel I2C Switch with Interrupt and Reset
  TSB43AA82/A: 2-Port, Integrated PHY and Link-Layer Chip for 1394 PC Peripherals
  TUSB6250: Low-Power USB 2.0-to-ATA Bridge Solution
  TUSB6010: USB 2.0 Dual-Role OTG Device
Professional Audio
  Professional Audio Signal Chain
  TMS320C67xx: Floating-Point Digital Signal Processor
  PGA2310/20/11/4311: High-Performance Audio Volume Controls
  PGA2500: Digitally Controlled Microphone Preamplifier IC
  PCM4202/4: High-Performance, 24-Bit, 2- and 4-Channel Stereo Audio ADSs
  PCM4201: Low-Power, Wide Dynamic Range, 24-Bit Audio ADC for Wireless
  PCM4104/8: High-Performance, 24-Bit, 216-kHz, 4- and 8-Channel Audio DACs
  PCM1792/4: Industrys Highest-Performance Audio DAC
  SRC4392/82/DIX4192: High-Performance, 2-Channel Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter Combos
  SRC419x/8x: Highest-Performance Sample Rate Converter ICs
Computing Audio
  Audio for Notebook Computers
  Audio for USB Speaker
  TPA6020A2: 2.8-W Stereo Fully Differential Audio Amplifier
  TPA6017A2: 2-W Stereo Class-AB Amplifier
  TPA0212: Next-Generation Audio Power Amplifier
  TPA6011A4: 3-W Stereo Class-AB Audio Amplifier
  TPA4411: Cap-Free Stereo Headphone Amplifier
Selection Guides
  Audio Power Amplifiers
    Analog MUX
    Audio Power Amplifiers
      Class-D Stereo
      Class-D Mono
      Class-AB Stereo
      Class-AB Mono
  Digital Audio Amplifiers
    Digital Audio PWM Processors
    Digital Amplifier Power Stages
  Digital Audio Processors
    Amplifiers (Audio Preamps)
    Audio Signal Amplifiers
  Linear Regulators
  Clock Distribution Circuits
  Audio Data Converters
    High-Performance DACs
    Multichannel DACs
    Codecs + Touch Screen Controller
    Support Products
  TMS320C67x’ DSP Generation
  Dual-Supply Level Translators
  I2C I/O Expanders
    1394 Integrated Devices
    1394 Link-Layer Controllers
    1394 Physical Layer Controllers
    USB Hub Controllers
    USB Peripherals
    USB Transceivers
    USB On-The-Go (OTG) Devices
    PanelBus’ (DVI) Transmitters and Receivers
  Professional Audio
    Microphone Preamplifiers
    Volume Controls
    High-Performance Audio Converters
    Digital Audio Interface Products and Asynchronous Sample Rate Converters (ASRC)
Audio Codec Resources
  Interfacing TI Audio Codecs to Standard Application Processors
  Software Drivers for the Various Hardware and Software Platforms