The contents in this document are subject to changes, for improvement and other purposes,
without notice. Make sure that this is the latest version of the document before use.
The operation and circuit examples in this document are provided for reference purposes
only. Sanken assumes no liability for violation of industrial property, intellectual property, or
other rights of Sanken or third parties, that stem from these examples.
The user must take responsibility for considering and determining which objects the
products in this document are used with.
Although we will continue to improve the quality and reliability of our products,
semiconductor products, by their nature, have certain fault and failure rates. The user must
take responsibility for designing and checking to secure the device and system so that a part
failure may not lead to human injury, fire, damages, or other losses.
The products in this document are intended for normal electronic devices (such as home
appliances, office equipment, communication terminals, or measurement devices). Make
delivery specifications with us before use.
If you are considering using our products for a device that requires high reliability (such as
transport machines and their control units, traffic light control systems, disaster prevention,
and security equipment or any kind of safety equipment), make sure that you consult our
sales representative and make delivery specifications with us.
Do not use these products for devices that require extremely high reliability (such as
aerospace instruments, nuclear power control units, or life support systems) without our
written consent.
The products in this document are not designed to be radiation-proof.
The contents in this document must not be transcribed or copied without our written consent.
Gallium arsenide (GaAs) is used in some products in this document.
Burning or breaking such products, as well as the accidental inhalation or ingestion of
chemically treated liquids and gases, is extremely dangerous.
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