Custom ICs
Various processing technologies of BIP, BiCMOS, CMOS and BCD can be used for the semiconductor chips.
Meets detailed user needs, especially power ICs. A wide range of general-purpose ICs is also available.
Employs a monolithic chip with flip-chip construction for increased reliability making it ideal for car electronic
Also available in hybrid ICs with transfer mold construction, multi-chip IC configuration and power monolithic
IC configuration.
All semiconductor chips used are
manufactured by Sanken.
Main product lineup consists of
power ICs produced out of many
years' experience of Sanken.
Uses monolithic chips with flip-chip
Mainly available in miniature
transfer-mold packages.
Examples of Sanken Automotive Hybrid ICs
Lead frame type
multi-chip power IC
One-chip power IC
Examples of Custom Hybrid IC
Regulators for alternators
Power supply for microcomputer
Power steering control IC
Motor and actuator driver
Lead frame type
power hybrid IC with
ceramic substrate
High-output high-breakdown voltage IC
Simplified integration of custom circuits
Distribution of unit functions
(Actuators may be built in the device)
power IC
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