Package Mounting Methods
Less than
or greater
Applicable models
DO-34 models or
similar models
(i. e., MA2C165, etc.)
DO-34 models
(i. e., MA2C165, etc.)
2 mm or
2.5 mm
3 mm
Lead holding mechanism
2.5 mm
Diode body
Bending radius: R 0.75 mm
Lead wire
Figure 8 External lead bending positions
Figure 7 Lead wire bending position
Points requiring care for moistureproof packaged products
1) Do not open moistureproof packages until just before mounting. After opening, use the enclosed products as soon as
2) Keep the temperature and humidity of the storage location before the package is opened to within the range of Ta =
5°C to 30°C and 30%RH to 70%RH (For CCD image sensors, Ta = 0°C to 30°C.) The storage period in the
moistureproof package is 1 year from the date of shipment from our company.
3) After opening the moistureproof package, in order to prevent condensation, moisture absorption by package, and
oxidation of leads, store the products at Ta = 5°C to 30°C and 30%RH to 70%RH. (For CCD image sensors, Ta = 0°C
to 30°C. For Hologram Units, Ta = 5°C to 35°C and 45%RH to 75%RH.)
4) Some packages have a limited storage period after opening the moistureproof package. For information on the storage
period, refer to the product specifications.
5) After opening the moistureproof package, if the specified storage has been exceeded or if the indicator of the
dehumidifying agent at the time of opening the package has changed to pink, perform baking before mounting. Baking
conditions vary according to the type of package and packaging condition. For details, consult our company's sales
6) Taping materials and stick materials are not heat-resistant. Therefore, perform mounting within the specified time, or,
if it is forecast in advance that the specified time will be exceeded, store the products in a dry box or in a packaging
environment equivalent to the moistureproof package (Temperature: Room temperature; Relative humidity: 30% or
less.) or lower.
7) To prevent oxidation of the leads, perform baking only once.
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