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Structure of this document
This document consists of the part number list, application block diagrams, recommended types by
classification, package outlines, discontinued types, maintenance types, and planned maintenance types.
Types are classified according to the ECALS glossary.
ECALS is the general term for all standardization activities, including the distribution of composite
components technology information (offering of and searching for information via the internet) about
electronic equipment, semiconductors, electronic components, etc. as well as support administration such as
the ECALS glossary, etc.
Part numbers
The part numbers used in this document are part numbers for catalog use, and are partially abbreviated Matsushita
global codes (Matsushita unified part numbers). Conventional part numbers (C Part No.) are part numbers used
prior to the operation of the Matsushita global code in 2000, and are listed only for those part numbers which are
drastically different from the Matsushita global code. They may also be listed in parentheses together with the part
Package outlines (package)
Recommended products listed in this document are lead-free packages. However, unsupported types are also
included in "Discontinued, Maintenance and Planned Maintenance Types".
Discontinued types, maintenance types, and planned maintenance types
Discontinued types
: Sales of these types have ended and are no longer handled. Please accept this
Maintenance types
: Discontinuation of sales of these types is desired, and new sales of such types are
not possible. Further, existing customers with new applications should switch to
replacement types instead.
Planned maintenance types
: Types that are currently being sold but which are scheduled to be shifted to
maintenance types. Please refrain from using these types for new applications.
Symbols used for recommended types
: Under planning
: Under development
: Microcomputers, application-specific standard-product ICs: Undergoing ES evaluation; Discrete components,
opto electronic devices: Tentative standard
: Newly listed in this document
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