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Precaution on Lead-free products (RoHS compliant) Marking and Labeling
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Application Block Diagrams
  Video Applications
  Audio Applications
  Communication Applications
  Industrial and Home Applications
Small Signal Bipolar Transistors
  General-use Low-Frequency Amplifiers and Others
  High-speed Switch VCO and High Freq.
  High-frequency Amplifiers and Others
  SiGe HBT
  SiGe HBT (Combined Products)
  Composite Bipolar Transistors
Bipolar Power Transistors
  Low-Frequency Amplifiers and Others
  Low VCE(sat) and Others
  For Power Amplification
  For Large-power Amplification
  For TV and CRT Monitor
  For Switching
Transistor with Built-in Resistors
  IC = 80 mA Series
  IC = 100 mA Series
  Composite Transistor with Built-in Resistors
Small Signal FETs
  MOS FETs (For Small Signal)
  MOS FETs (For Power Management S/W)
  Junction FETs
  Composite FETs
Power MOS FETs
  Power MOS FETs
Transistor Modules
  Small Signal Transistor Arrays
Multi Chip Discrete Devices
  Composite Transistors
Switching Diodes
  Switching Diodes
Variable Capacitance Diodes
  Variable Capacitance Diodes
  Band Switch Diodes
Rectifier Diodes
  Varister Diodes (For Temperature Compensation)
  Fast Recovery Diodes (FRD)
  PIN Diodes
Zener Diodes
  Zener Diodes Series
  Low Ct Series
  Surge Protective Diode
  Bidirectional Zener Diode
  High ESD (30 kV) Protection Device
Schottky Barrier Diodes
  For Small Signal
  For Power
IC Links
  Circuit Protector Elements
Package Explanation
  Package classification
  Packaging forms
  Determining packaging style from part number
  Discrete Devices
Package Mounting Methods
  Selection of mounting materials
Precautions when Using Semiconductor Products
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Reference Dimension of Soldering pad
Discontinued, Maintenance and Planned Maintenance Types
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