Application Fields
  Wireless LAN (802.11a/b/g) 2.4 and 5 GHz WLAN Front-End
  Full Discrete Product Spectrum
  Global Positioning System (GPS) - GPS Receiver
  RKE Receiver Solution incl. IFX IC TDA52xx and Discrete LNA
  Product Spectrum for GSM Front-Ends
  Low Noise Block (LNB) Twin LNB - Block Diagram
  Discrete Products for Mainboards
  RF Diodes for Consumer Applications - TV-Tuner
  RF Diodes for Consumer Applications - SAT-Tuner
  FM Tuner
  Active Antenna (Tuner, Cellular, GPS, SDARS...)
  Si-Tuner System
  ESD/EMI Protection for Microphone Interface (single-ended)
  ESD/EMI Protection for Microphone Interface (differential mode)
  ESD/EMI Protection for High Speed MMC Card (4 data lines)
  ESD/EMI Protection for Secure Digital Card
Selection Guide
  AF Diodes
    AF General Purpose Diodes
  RF Diodes
    PIN Diodes
      PIN (Switching and Attenuator) Diodes Characteristic Curves
    Varactor Diodes
      Varactor (Tuning) Diodes Characteristic Curves
  Schottky Diodes
    AF/RF-Schottky-Diodes Characteristic Curves
  Pin Configuration for all Diodes
  AF Transistors
    AF Digital Transistors
    AF General Purpose Transistors
  RF Transistors
    RF Bipolar Transistors
      RF Bipolar-Transistor Characteristic Curves
  Monolithic ICs
    AF SSICs
    RF MMICs
  ESD and EMI Protection Devices and Filters
    TVS Diodes and Infineon® HiPAC’
  Alphanumerical List of the Symbols used
Package Information
  SC74 (SC-74)
  SC75 (SC-75)
  SC79 (SC-79)
  SCD80 (SC-80)
  SOD323 (SC-76)
  SOT23 (-)
  SOT89 (SC-62)
  SOT143 (SC-61)
  SOT143-R (SC-61A)
  SOT223 (SC-73)
  SOT323 (SC-70)
  SOT343 (SC-82)
  SOT363 (SC-88)
  TSFP-3 (-)
  TSFP-4 (-)
  TSSLP-2-1 (-)
  TSLP-2-1 (-)
  TSLP-2-7 (-) - Reduced Height
  TSLP-3-1 (SC-101)
  TSLP-3-4 (-)
  TSLP-3-7 (-) - Reduced Height
  TSLP-3-8 (-) - Reduced Height
  TSLP-3-9 (-) - Low Height
  TSLP-4-4 (-)
  TSLP-4-7 (-) - Reduced Height
  TSLP-6-1 (-)
  TSLP-7-1 (-)
  TSLP-7-4 (-)
  TSOP6 (-)
  WLP-8-1 (-)
  WLP-11-1 (-)
  WLP-16-1 (-)
  WLP-24-2 (-)
  WLP-24-3 (-)
Packaging Information (Tape and Reel)
Cross Reference for Standard Industry Types
Type List