Step up converter 30 V (boost converter)
Step down converter 5 V (buck converter)
Four independent firing squib drivers with
current limitation
High-side and low-side switch for each firing circuit
Digital output for firing current detection
Squib resistance measurement with analog outputs
Selectable gain factor (10 / 30) for squib
resistance measurement
Programmable squib leakage measurement to
ground or to battery
Several supply voltage measurements on external pins
Digital output for detection of safing sensor closure
Power on / off reset generator and watchdog circuit
Precise 100 kHz oscillator
Serial interface line driver (ISO 9141 and TTL level)
Four voltage / current sources for diagnostic purposes
Two warning lamp driver with diagnostic
16-Bit Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
Logic and analog output signals for diagnostics
Package P-MQFP-64
4 independent satellite receiver channels for current
modulated data
Each channel can support up to two satellites
Data rate 125 kBaud
Support of 11-; 13-; 18-Bit Manchester 1 or 2
encoded messages
Channel configuration in pairs
(Bus Mode, Protocoll Type)
voltage regulators
Adjustable current level detection thresholds
Asynchronous and synchronous data
transmission modes
4 Digital outputs for voltage-converted received
satellite signals
16-bit 8 MHz Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
Embedded protocoll handler for data preprocessing
to GND or Battery
Channel specific over-temperature shutdown
Ground loss detection
Short to GND and open detection at every
reference pins
Package PG-TSSOP-28
Leakage detection to GND and Battery
Supply of satellite channels via 4 independent
TLE 6711: Multifunctional
regulator and watchdog
Boost converter 30 V
Boost over- and undervoltage lockout
Buck converter 5 V
Logic over- and undervoltage lockout
Power on / off reset generator
System enable output
Low-voltage detection
Very low current consumption
Package P-DSO-14 or P-DSO-20
Internal Window Watchdog / Airbag-System-IC
System ICs
Current limitation in case of satellite output shorted
DC Motor
All digital I/Os are 3.3V and 5V compatible
Driver ICs
Power Controller
: High
Side Switches
TLE 6710: Combined airbag power
supply and 4 channel firing IC
TLE 7729: 4 channel satellite
receiver IC (SatRIC)™
Smart Multi-
channel Switches HITFET
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