Simulating the LCD
Before starting the LCD simulation, ensure that the HT-LCDS refers to the correct panel configura-
tion file. Enter the HT-LCDS environment by selecting the Tools menu, LCD Simulator command.
Click once the S button on the toolbar allowing the HT-LCDS to begin LCD simulation while re-
ferring to the corresponding panel configuration file.
Open a panel configuration file which is not the corresponding panel configuration file of the cur-
rent project and click the S button on the toolbar. The HT-LCDS will then begin LCD simulation
while referring to the opened panel configuration file.
When the HT-LCDS begins simulation, an LCD Simulator window will be displayed while the most
recent LCD patterns will be displayed on the panel screen.
Stop the Simulation
Double click the title bar of the LCD simulation window to make the HT-LCDS return to the edit
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