Chapter 7 LCD Simulator
The following steps select the pattern positions for all the patterns in the LCD panel
Invoke the Panel Editor by selecting the Edit command, Panel Editor command after having set
the panel configuration
Select the File menu, Open command in the Panel Editor to open the panel picture file (.bmp)
Supports 2-color .BMP only
The panel will be displayed in the window as in the LCD Editor window.
Select the pattern for each COM/SEG by using double-click or drag-and-drop methods. The
Save Pattern dialog box will be displayed after which the pattern information can be entered.
Repeat the above step for all patterns in the panel.
After having set the pattern information for all patterns, return to the Panel Editor window and
save all the settings using the File menu Save command.
Exit the Panel Editor and return to the HT-LCDS, the panel will now display the new settings.
Add New Pattern Items Using a Batch File
The HT-LCDS provides a method to add pattern items from a batch file using the Edit menu and
Add Item Batch command. The batch file is a text file with an extension name .BTH. All the pattern
items in the batch file will define the pattern file name and its positions. After selecting a batch file
using the Edit menu¢s Add Item Batch command, the HT-LCDS adds all patterns depicted in the
batch file at the specified positions of the panel. The following is an example of a .BTH file.
; this is a comment line.
; item syntax: BMPfile.bmp, COM, SEG, X, Y
CRYSTAL.BMP, 0, 2, 120, 30
2, 3, 200, 50
3, 2, 130, 90
4, 4, 20, 40
Selecting Color for an LCD Panel
The HT-LCDS provides a palette dialog for selecting the colors of the panel using the HT-LCDS
Configure menu and Set Panel Color command.
The ECB mode is for HTG21x0 color LCD only.
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