The panel configurations include:
COM and SEG. To set the LCD driver total COMMON number and SEGMENT number. The de-
fault number of the LCD driver for this microcontroller is displayed when the Panel Configuration
dialog box is displayed. To ensure that these numbers are the same as the actual setting num-
ber of the LCD driver for the micro controller.
Width and Height. These are the size of the panel screen in pixels and can be changed to adjust
the panel screen.
Panel configuration file directory. Select the directory where the panel configuration file is stored
using the browse button or setup to have the same directory as the project.
Dot Matrix Mode. To simulate dot matrix type LCD panels. The Fig below shows the dot matrix
It is important not to set different COM or SEG number from the actual corresponding LCD driver
numbers, otherwise unpredictable results will occur.
Select the Patterns and Their Positions
The following methods show the steps of selecting the patterns and their positions
To create a new panel configuration file using the HT-LCDS File menu New command. After
having set the panel configuration, the LCD Simulator dialog box is displayed. The user then has
to select the patterns from the Pattern Information dialog box and set the COM/SEG positions.
The section, Add a new pattern, describes the procedure in detail.
To open an existing panel configuration file using the HT-LCDS File menu Open command. The
patterns are displayed as shown on the panel screen in the LCD Simulator dialog box and the
pattern file names are displayed in the COM/SEG table position. Users can add/delete/change
the pattern information, including the pattern file and pattern positions.
To open a panel picture file using the HT-LCDS Edit menu Panel Editor command. If this panel
picture file has been setup already, then it is not necessary to select the patterns, it is only nec-
essary to select the pattern positions. The section, define the pattern using the Panel Editor, de-
scribes the procedure in detail.
Add a New Pattern
Move the cursor to a COM/SEG position on the grid as shown in the LCD Simulator dialog box
and double click the mouse. The Pattern Information dialog box is displayed. All the pattern files
(.bmp) in the project¢s directory are listed in the Pattern List box. The Size field is the bitmap size
of the selected pattern, Com and Seg fields are the numbers of the selected COM/SEG position
of this pattern. None of these three fields can be modified.
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