Chapter 7 LCD Simulator
New: create a new panel configuration file
Open: open an existing panel configuration file
Save: save the panel configuration file
Cut: delete a pattern
Copy: copy a pattern to the clipboard
Paste: add the copied pattern to the panel
I: panel information dialog
S: enter the LCD simulation mode
LCD Panel Picture File
The LCD panel picture (pattern) file is a bitmap file (.bmp) which represents the practical patterns
and their positions on the panel. The bitmap file can be created using any bitmap editor and pro-
vides another method of setting up the LCD panel pattern information by using the HT-LCDS Edit
menu, Panel Editor command. The bitmap file is optional, users can setup the LCD panel pattern
information even if the LCD panel picture file is absent.
Setup the LCD Panel Configuration File
The following two steps are used to setup a panel configuration file:
Setup the panel configurations, including the segment and common number of the LCD driver
as well as the width and height size of the panel in pixels. Also, the directory of the panel configu-
ration file and the dot matrix mode can be selected.
Select the patterns and their positions. This will setup the relationship between the patterns and
the COM/SEG positions.
Setup the Panel Configurations
To setup the panel configurations by selecting the HT-LCDS File menu, New command. The Panel
Configuration dialog box will be displayed. Setup the correct LCD driver data, COM/SEG number,
Width, Height and Directory of the pattern, then press the [OK] button. After setting up the panel
configuration, the system returns to LCD Simulator file in the Tools menu for pattern selection.
Panel Configuration Dialog Box
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