Relationship Between the Panel File and the Current Project
By default, the panel configuration file has the same file name as the current project name except
for the extension name, which is .lcd. The HT-LCDS assumes this file to be the corresponding
panel configuration file of the current project. The panel configuration file is generated by the
HT-LCDS File menu, New command or the New button on the toolbar. A different file name from
the current project name can be assigned to the panel configuration file by clicking File menu,
Save command or Save button on the toolbar.
When the HT-LCDS begins simulation, it references the current active panel configuration file to
obtain its simulation information. The LCD panel configuration file is activated by selecting the
New or Open command of the HT-LCDS File menu. The file name of the LCD panel configuration
file may be the same as the current project name or a different name can be chosen.
Selecting the HT-LCDS
When selected from within the Tools menu, the LCD simulator Dialog box is displayed if the corre-
sponding panel configuration file of the current project exists. The file name of each bitmap pattern
is shown at the specified COM/SEG position of the table. At the same time, these patterns are
shown on the above panel screen. If the corresponding panel configuration file does not exist
within the project directory, both the panel screen and the COM/SEG table will not be displayed.
LCD Simulator Dialog Box
The Fig below shows the HT-LCDS menu bar information.
O p e n
C u t
P a s te
S im u la te
N e w
S a v e
C o p y
P a n e l
In fo r m a tio n
A b o u t
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