Chapter 7 LCD Simulator
Chapter 7
LCD Simulator
The Holtek LCD simulator, known as the HT-LCDS, provides a mechanism allowing users to simu-
late the output of LCD drivers. According to the user designed patterns and the control programs,
the HT-LCDS displays the patterns on the screen in real time. It facilitates the development pro-
cess even if the actual LCD hardware panel is unavailable. Note that if the current project¬Ęs
microcontroller does not support LCD functions, these commands are disabled.
LCD Panel Configuration File
Before starting the LCD simulation, an LCD panel configuration file must first be setup. The
HT-LCDS will obtain the LCD data and display LCD patterns on the screen according to the LCD
panel configuration file. The HT-LCDS cannot simulate the LCD action if this file is absent. For
microcontrollers possessing an LCD driver, the corresponding panel configuration file has to be
setup for LCD simulation. The LCD simulator command within the Tools menu will then be enabled
to setup the panel configuration file and for simulation. The LCD panel configuration file contains
two kinds of data, panel configuration data and pattern information, which users can setup using
the HT-LCDS.
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