Chapter 5 MCU Programming Tools
System Requirement
The hardware and software requirements for installing HT-IDE3000 system are as follows:
PC/AT compatible machine with Pentium or higher CPU
SVGA color monitor
At least 32M RAM for best performance
CD ROM drive (for CD installation)
At least 20M free disk space
Parallel port to connect PC and HT-ICE
Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
Hardware Installation
Step 1
Plug the power adapter into the power connector of the HT-ICE
Step 2
Connect the target board to the HT-ICE by using the I/O interface card or flat cable
Step 3
Connect the HT-ICE to the host machine using the printer cable
The LED on the HT-ICE should now be lit, if not, there is an error and your dealer should be con-
Exercise care when using the power adapter. Do not use a power adapter whose output voltage is
not 16V, otherwise the HT-ICE may be damaged. It is strongly recommended that only the power
adapter supplied by Holtek be used. First plug the power adapter to the power connector of the
Software Installation
Insert the HT-IDE3000 CD into the CD ROM drive, the following dialog will be shown.
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