Chapter 5 MCU Programming Tools
Chapter 5
MCU Programming Tools
To ease the process of application development, the importance and availability of supporting
tools for microcontrollers cannot be underestimated. To support its range of MCUs, Holtek is fully
committed to the development and release of easy to use and fully functional tools for its full range
of devices. The overall development environment is known as the HT-IDE, while the operating soft-
ware is known as the HT-IDE3000. The software provides an extremely user friendly Windows
based approach for program editing and debugging while the HT-ICE emulator hardware provides
full real time emulation with multi functional trace, stepping and breakpoint functions. With a com-
plete set of interface cards for its full device range and regular software Service Pack updates, the
HT-IDE development environment ensures that designers have the best tools to maximize effi-
ciency in the design and release of their microcontroller applications.
HT-IDE Development Environment
The Holtek Integrated Development Environment, otherwise known as the HT-IDE, is a high per-
formance integrated development environment designed around Holtek¢s series of 8-bit MCU de-
vices. Incorporated within the system is the hardware and software tools necessary for rapid and
easy development of applications based on the Holtek range of 8-bit MCUs. The key component
within the HT-IDE system is the HT-ICE In-Circuit Emulator, capable of emulating the Holtek 8-bit
MCU in real time, in addition to providing powerful debugging and trace features. The latest ver-
sion of the HT-ICE In-Circuit Emulator also incorporates a complete OTP writer which provides the
user with all the tools required to design, debug and program their OTP devices.
As for the software, the HT-IDE3000 provides a friendly workbench to ease the process of applica-
tion program development, by integrating all of the software tools, such as editor, Cross Assem-
bler, Cross Linker, library and symbolic debugger into a user friendly Windows based
environment. In addition, the HT-IDE3000 provides a software simulator which is capable of simu-
lating the behavior of Holtek¢s 8-bit MCU range without connection to the HT-ICE. All fundamental
functions of the HT-ICE hardware are valid for the simulator.
More detailed information on the HT-IDE3000 development system is contained within the
HT-IDE3000 User¢s Guide. Installed in conjunction with the HT-IDE3000 and to ensure that the de-
velopment system contains information on new microcontrollers and the latest software updates,
Holtek provides regular HT-IDE3000 Service Packs. These Service Packs, which can be down-
loaded from the Holtek website, do not replace the HT-IDE3000 but are installed after the
HT-IDE3000 system software has been installed.
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