Chapter 1 Hardware Structure
Chapter 1
Hardware Structure
This section is the main datasheet section of the LCD Type microcontroller handbook and con-
tains all the parameters and information related to the hardware. The information contained pro-
vides designers with details on all the main hardware features of the LCD Type MCU series which
together with the programming section contains the information to enable swift and successful im-
plementation of user microcontroller applications. By proper consultation of the relevant parts of
this section, users can ensure that they make the most efficient use of the flexible and
multi-function features within the LCD Type microcontroller series.
The HT49R30A-1/HT49C30-1/HT49C30L, HT49R50A-1/HT49C50-1/HT49C50L and
HT49R70A-1/HT49C70-1/HT49C70L, HT49RU80/HT49CU80 form the series of 8-bit
high-performance, RISC architecture microcontroller devices specifically designed for a wide
range of LCD control product applications. Device flexibility is enhanced with their internal special
features such as HALT and wake-up functions, oscillator options, buzzer driver, UART, etc. These
features combine to ensure applications require a minimum of external components and there-
fore reduce overall product costs. Having the advantages of low-power consumption,
high-performance, I/O flexibility as well as low-cost, these devices have the versatility to suit a
wide range of LCD-based application possibilities such as scales, electronic multimeters, gas me-
ters, timers, calculators, remote controllers as well as many other LCD-based industrial and home
appliance applications. Many features are common to all devices, however, they differ in areas,
such as LCD segment count, I/O pin count, RAM and ROM capacity, timer number and package
types, etc. An additional feature that is incorporated within the HT49RU80/HT49CU80 devices is a
full-duplex asynchronous serial communications UART function.
The HT49R30A-1, HT49R50A-1, HT49R70A-1 and HT49RU80 are OTP devices offering the ad-
vantages of easy and effective program updates, using the Holtek range of development and pro-
gramming tools. These devices provide the designer with the means for fast and low-cost product
development cycles. However, for applications that are at a mature state in their design process,
the HT49C30-1, HT49C50-1, HT49C70-1, HT49CU80, HT49C30L, HT49C50L and HT49C70L
mask version devices offer a complementary device for products with high volume and low-cost
demands. Fully pin and functionally compatible with their OTP sister devices, such mask version
devices provide the ideal substitute for products which have gone beyond their development cycle
and are facing cost down demands.
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