Since the founding of the company, Holtek Semiconductor Inc. has concentrated much of its de-
sign efforts in the area of microcontroller development. Although supplying a wide range of semi-
conductor devices, the microcontroller category has always been a key product category within
the Holtek range, and one which will continue to expand as their devices increase in functionality
and maturity. By capitalizing on the substantial accumulated skills within its dedicated
microcontroller development department, Holtek has been able to release a comprehensive
range of high quality low-cost microcontroller devices for a wide range of application areas. On
some of the devices a full-duplex asynchronous serial communications UART function is inte-
grated, giving these devices the ability to easily communicate with external serial interfaces.
Holtek¢s high quality embedded LCD microcontroller solutions provide a means for customers to
greatly enhance the functional contents of their LCD-based products, which when combined with
Holtek¢s comprehensive range of development tools provide designers with the means to reduce
their design to market times and greatly increasing their added value.
This handbook is divided into three parts for user convenience. Most details regarding general
datasheet information and device specification is located within Part I. Information related to
microcontroller programming such as device instruction set, instruction definition, and assembly
language directives is found within Part II. Part III relates to the Holtek range of Development Tools
where information can be found on their installation and use.
By compiling all relevant data together in one handbook we hope users of the Holtek range of LCD
Type microcontroller devices will have at their fingertips a useful, complete and simple means to ef-
ficiently implement their microcontroller applications. Holtek¢s efforts to combine information on de-
vice specifications, programming and development tools into one publication have produced a
handbook which with careful use by the user should result in trouble free designs and the maxi-
mum benefit being gained from the many features of Holtek microcontroller devices. We recom-
mend that users regularly check our website for the latest updates to our handbook and also
welcome feedback and comments from our customers regarding further improvements.
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