Holtek Company Introduction
From the establishment of the company in 1983 to the present date, Holtek Semiconductor has witnessed continual steady
growth, during which time a wide range of microcontrollers and peripheral semiconductor devices have been released onto the
market. An accumulation of an extensive number of intellectual properties and the ability to build up an excellent skill base in its
highly qualified engineering design teams, have given Holtek the means to be extremely successful in providing its customers
with a wide range of high quality industrial grade semiconductor devices. In responding to the needs of global electronic
development trends, Holtek¢s range of mature and high quality semiconductor devices can now be found in many of today¢s
consumer appliances and industrial products.
Product Device Range
Holtek¢s product range remain firmly focused on microcontrollers and their peripheral products and central to every Holtek
microcontroller is a high performance 8-bit RISC core. Holtek¢s microcontroller range includes a vast range of fully integrated
digital and analog functions such as A/D converters, LCD drivers, PWM generators, high current LED drivers, SPI interfaces,
USB drivers etc. In meeting full industry specifications with their wide voltage and temperature operating range and being
provided in Mask, OTP and Flash type versions, Holtek¢s customers are assured of having an extensive range of high quality,
flexible devices with an outstanding price/function ratio for all their application needs.
Product Development Strategy
Holtek¢s commitment to new product development and innovation can be seen in its continual release of an extensive range of
devices. With its years of development experience in the microcontroller area, Holtek is naturally proud of its constantly
expanding array of industrial quality MCU devices, fully supported and complemented by a comprehensive range of hardware
and software development tools. To accompany its Microcontroller device range, Holtek continues to develop and release other
peripheral devices in the communication, remote control, computer peripheral, memory, power management and other product
areas. Sustained commitment and substantial investment in future device development will see a continuation of this trend as
Holtek further enhances the functionality and flexibility of all its product range. As its design strategy remains focused in the
developing automotive, industrial and consumer product areas, the company, with its concentration of design effort in the high
quality MCU device area, will see an expansion of its international market presence. Holtek¢s obligation to ISO compliance and
its string of innovation awards and intellectual properties provide further evidence of the company¢s commitment to product
development excellence.
Marketing Service Network
Holtek¢s main business area, in addition to research and development, includes a strong marketing focus giving the company a
presence in most parts of the world where there exists a large number of sales offices and agents. This global marketing and
promotional structure will continue to see future expansion and place Holtek in a strong position to take advantage of any new
market opportunities which may arise.
March 31, 2008
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