IC-SP-06027 R1
Precautions for Safe Use and Notices
If semiconductor devices are handled inappropriate manner, failures may result. For this
reason, be sure to read this “Application Guide” before use.
This mark indicates an item about which caution is required.
This mark indicates a potentially hazardous situation which,
if not avoided, may result in minor or moderate injury and
damage to property
(1) Regardless of changes in external conditions during use “absolute maximum
ratings” should never be exceed in designing electronic circuits that employ
semiconductors. In the case of pulse use, furthermore,″safe operating
area(SOA)”precautions should be observed.
(2) Semiconductor devices may experience failures due to accident or unexpected
surge voltages. Accordingly, adopt safe design features, such as redundancy or
prevention of erroneous action, to avoid extensive damage in the event of a failure.
(3) In cases where extremely high reliability is required (such as use in nuclear power
control, aerospace and aviation, traffic equipment, life-support-related medical
equipment, fuel control equipment and various kinds of safety equipment), safety
should be ensured by using semiconductor devices that feature assured safety or
by means of user’s fail-safe precautions or other arrangement. Or consult Hitachi’s
sales department staff.
(If a semiconductor device fails, there may be cases in which the semiconductor
device, wiring or wiring pattern will emit smoke or cause a fire or in which the
semiconductor device will burst)
1. This Application Guide contains the specifications, characteristics(in figures and tables), dimensions
and handling notes concerning power semiconductor products (hereinafter called “products”) to aid
in the selection of suitable products.
2. The specifications and dimensions, etc. stated in this Application Guide are subject to change
without prior notice to improve products characteristics. Before ordering, purchasers are advised to
contact Hitachi’s sales department for the latest version of this Application Guide and specifications.
3. In no event shall Hitachi be liable for any damage that may result from an accident or any other
cause during operation of the user’s units according to this Application Guide. Hitachi assumes to
responsibility for any intellectual property claims or any other problems that may result from
applications of information, products or circuits described in this Application Guide.
4. In no event shall Hitachi be liable for any failure in a semiconductor device or any secondary
damage resulting from use at a value exceeding the absolute maximum rating.
5. No license is granted by this Application Guide under any patents or other rights of any third party
or Hitachi, Ltd.
6. This Application Guide may not be reproduced or duplicated, in any form, in whole or in part,
without the expressed written permission of Hitachi, Ltd.
7. The products (technologies) described in this Application Guide are not to be provided to any party
whose purpose in their application will hinder maintenance of international peace and safety nor
are they to be applied to that purpose by their direct purchasers or any third party. When exporting
these products (technologies), the necessary procedures are to be taken in accordance with related
laws and regulations.
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