IC-SP-06027 R0
2. Content of specifications
The following items have been described in the specifications.
(1) Maximum Ratings
It describes direct conditions(electric, thermal use conditions) of leading to IC destruction and so on. And
the safety operating range with operating conditions is shown by minimum or maximum value.
Each item is an independent item. Also, these items show the ratings value of not exceeding any use
conditions. The maximum rating and other characteristics are mutually related, and not permitted at the
same time.
(2) Electrical Characteristics
It provides for an electric characteristic item that shows the function of IC, and describes minimum,
standard, and maximum.
(3) Function and Operation
It describes Truth Table, Time Chart, Protection Function and so on.
(4) Standard application
It describes external parts to operate IC.
(5) Pin Assignments and Pin Definitions
It describes pin assignments, pin names and pin definitions.
(6) Important notice Precautions
It describes notes of the static electricity, the maximum rating, handling and so on.
(7) Appendix and Reference data
It describes SOA and Deratings.
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