Hitachi IGBT Module Application Manual
Failure Precautions
When either a load- or arm- short circuit occurs in an IGBT module, it must be turned OFF
immediately. Otherwise, the module case may burst because energy at the time of short
circuit accumulates in the module and will be released instantaneously.
Always be certain that you take the following precautions:
1) Keep the IGBT module in a closed case to prevent operator harm
should it ever burst.
2) Never open the IGBT module’s closed case while an electric current
is being supplied to the module.
To avoid emission of smoke or a fire to be initiated, recognize that a short-circuit current
must never be allowed to flow for any extended period of time after the IGBT module fails.
Note: Although IGBT modules use fire-retardant material, such as
UL94VO, you should always make use of fuse-based circuitry to
protect the module.
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