Hitachi IGBT Module Application Manual
Mounting Precautions
6.3.1 Fast-On Terminal
The signal terminal (gate-to-emitter terminal) of the IGBT module has a fast-on terminal structure. This
terminal should not experience a tension exceeding 0.46 N (4.5 kg - f) and should never be bent in a
crosswise direction.
Take the following precautions when soldering the terminals.
60-watt soldering iron and soldering contact time of less than 5 seconds.
Pb:Sn (40:60) eutectic solder (melting point of 180 degrees Celsius)
rosin flux
6.3.2 Environmental
Harmful Substances
When an IGBT module is exposed to corrosive gases, such as sulfur dioxide or chlorine gas,
conductivity or heat radiation may decrease because of terminal or base corrosion and parts may discolor.
Make sure to always keep IGBT modules away from such substances.
Exposure to Elements
Protect the IGBT module from both rain and water.
Storage and Shipping Considerations
6.4.1 Recommended Storage Conditions
IGBT modules should always be stored under the following conditions.
Temperature: 40 degrees Celsius, maximum.
Humidity: 60% Relative Humidity, maximum.
Dust: Avoid storing the module in locations subject to dust.
Harmful substances: The installation location should be free of corrosive
gases such as sulfur dioxide and chlorine gas.
Stacking: Avoid overstacking, as the signal gate and emitter terminal may be
Other: Do not remove the conductive sponges or tapes attached to the signal
gate and emitter terminal.
6.4.2 Shipping Method
(1) To prevent the case cracking and/or the electrode bending, appropriate consideration
should be given to properly insulate the shipping container from mechanical shock
or severe vibration situations.
(2) Appropriate labeling on the outside of the shipping container should always be
(3) The shipping container itself should always be properly protected from both rain and
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