Hitachi IGBT Module Application Manual
Example of Verification
Verification Circuit Configuration
Figure 47 shows a half-bridge circuit that will be used to illustrate verification based on an assumption
that the top arm turns ON when the collector current of the bottom arm is shut down and a signal is given to
the top and the bottom driver circuit.
Figure 47. Verification Circuit Configuration
How to Observe Switching Waveforms
The non-overlap at the top and the bottom arm can be checked in various ways. Special care must be
taken when observing voltage waveforms with different potential levels. Any floating-state voltage can be
observed with an optical insulation cable or with a differential probe, but these methods require elaborate care
concerning delays and other factors. In particular, to observe the gate voltage of the bottom arm with a
voltage probe and the gate current of the top arm, a non-contact current transformer (CT) is recommended,
such as one manufactured by Pierson (US).
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