Hitachi IGBT Module Application Manual
Specification and Characteristics
Contents of Specification
4.1.1 Absolute Maximum Ratings
Absolute maximum ratings apply to electrical, mechanical and thermal conditions that must be adhered
to in order to prevent IGBT module destruction. Such conditions are generally expressed in terms of the
maximum or minimum parameter values or to regions of Safe Operating Area (SOA).
4.1.2 Electrical Characteristics
The electrical characteristics for proper IGBT module functioning are maximum, typical, and minimum
values expressed mainly in terms of steady-state, dynamic, and thermal characteristics.
4.1.3 Outline Drawing for IGBT Modules
An outline drawing provides the user with important information regarding an IGBT module’s
dimensions for proper setting to a heat sink, as well as the proper wiring of the IGBT module.
Figure 4 shows one such example of a typical outline drawing.
Figure 4. Typical IGBT Module Outline Drawing
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