Hitachi IGBT Module Application Manual
Precautions for Safe Use
Before attempting to apply any information contained within this Hitachi IGBT Modules Application
Manual, please be certain to read the descriptions thoroughly regarding warning and caution symbols cited
In particular, always keep in mind the fact that failures may result if Hitachi IGBT modules are
misapplied. So, if during such misuse an Hitachi IGBT module fails, it is possible that the IGBT module will
emit smoke, cause a fire, or even burst.
Warning and Caution Symbols
mark enclosed within a triangle indicates an item about which
caution is required.
mark indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided,
could result in death or serious injury.
mark indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided,
may result in minor or moderate injury and/or damage to property.
(1) Regardless of changes in external conditions during use,
"absolute maximum ratings" should never be exceeded when
designing semiconductor-based electronic circuits. Furthermore,
in pulsed-mode situations, "safe operating area (SOA)"
precautions should always be observed.
(2) Hitachi IGBT modules may experience failures due to accidents
or unexpected surge voltages. Accordingly, you should always
adopt fail-safe design techniques, such as redundancy, to avoid
extensive damage in the event of failure.
(3) For those cases where extremely high reliability is required
(such as in applications involving nuclear power control,
aerospace and aviation, traffic equipment, life-support-related
medical equipment, fuel control equipment, and various kinds of
safety equipment), extended safety measures should be taken to
ensure maximum protection of personnel, environment, and the
equipment and processes involved. This could include following
user’s fail-safe precautions, adoption of situation-specific safety
arrangements, and consulting Hitachi America, Ltd.’s sales
department staff.
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