Hitachi IGBT Module Application Manual
Introduction to Hitachi IGBT Modules
This application manual references specifications of the GS Series AW Version of Hitachi Insulated
Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) modules. For detailed information and specifications for the entire product
line, refer to the
Hitachi IBGT Module Data Manual
or access the index of information at the Hitachi
World Wide Web site
New Generation of High-Power IGBT Modules
IGBT applications are rapidly expanding. Since they make possible higher efficiency and quieter
operation of equipment such as general-purpose inverters, uninterruptible power supplies, and welders,
IGBTs are now used in many diverse application areas. Recent development of 3.3 kV high-voltage IGBT
modules expands their scope of applicability to fields such as traction motor control. Building on this
experience, Hitachi presents a new, expanded range of high-power IGBT modules suitable for a variety of
Inherent Design Concepts
High performance and high reliability combined with the use of improved ultra-soft and fast-recovery
diodes are the underlying reasons why Hitachi high-power IGBT modules offer reduced power losses and
noise that results in higher operating efficiency.
Application Areas
Listed below are areas where Hitachi’s IGBT modules are currently finding wide acceptance.
AC Servo Drive Systems
Air Conditioners
Electric Vehicles
Medical Equipment
Traction Motor Control
Uninterruptible Power Supplies
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