MPC7448 Hardware Specifications Addendum for the MC7448Txxnnnnmx Series
  Table A. Part Numbers Addressed by This Data Sheet
  4 General Parameters
    5.1 DC Electrical Characteristics
      Table 4. Recommended Operating Conditions1
      Table 7. Power Consumption for MPC7448 at Maximum Rated Frequency
      5.2.1 Clock AC Specifications
        Table 8. Clock AC Timing Specifications
    5.3 Voltage and Frequency Derating
      Table 11. Supported Voltage, Core Frequency, and Power Consumption Derating
    9.2 Power Supply Design and Sequencing
  11 Part Numbering and Marking
    11.1 Part Numbers Addressed by This Specification
      Table 17. Part Marking Nomenclature
    11.3 Part Marking
      Figure 23. Part Marking for BGA Device
  Document Revision History
    Table B . Document Revision History