Selection Guide
March 28, 2008

                                                                                                                           A m p l i fy t h e H u m a n E x p e r i e n c e

High Quality
Replacement Products
                                                           CADEKA continues to manufacture devices discontinued by original suppliers such as
                                                           Comlinear Corporation, Fairchild, KOTA Microcircuits, Raytheon, and Signal Processing
                                                           Technologies. With a few exceptions, CADEKA Replacement Products are manufactured
                                                           using the exact die, assembly house, test program, test hardware and system as used by
                                                           the original supplier. Most of our staff of test engineers, manufacturing operators, as well
                                                           as designers, has intimate knowledge of CADEKA Replacement Products. Many of whom
                                                           came from the original supplier and contributed in the development of these exact products.
                                                           CADEKA’s experience and capability provides the unmatched reliability in meeting the
                                                           original design and specifications of our Replacement Products.

                                                           CADEKA REplACEmEnt pRoDuCts
                                                           n   Over 1.5 million finished products in stock
                                                           n   All CADEKA Replacement Products are direct from our factory and are 100% certified
                                                           n   100% guaranteed to meet original manufacturers’ specifications

Video Encoders, Decoders, Filters,                                                      Sample/Hold and
Drivers, Digitizers, etc.                                                               Track/Hold Amplifiers
 Part                                                                                    Part
                                       Short Description                                                                    Short Description
 Number                                                                                  Number
 SPT2110         NTSC/PAL Video Decoder                                                  SPT9101        125MSPS Sample and Hold Amplifier
 SPT2210         Y/C VIDEO ENCODER                                                       SPT9110        100MSPS Single-to-Differential Track and Hold
 SPT9400         Triple Video Driver with Y/C & Composite Output
 SPT9401         Triple Video Driver with RGB Output                                    High-Speed Comparators
 SPT9402         Triple Video Driver                                                     Part
                                                                                                                            Short Description
 SPT9404         Single Video Driver                                                     Number
 SPT9405         Single Video Driver with Luma Output                                    SPT9687        Dual Ultrafast Voltage Comparator
 SPT9406         Single Video Driver with Chroma Output                                  SPT9689        Dual Ultrafast Voltage Comparator
 TMC2011         Variable-Length Shift Register                                          SPT9691        Wide Input Voltage, JFET Comparator
 TMC2111         Variable-Length Shift Register                                          SPT9693        Wide Input Voltage, JFET Comparator
 TMC2072         Genlocking Video Digitizer
 TMC2192         10 Bit Encoder                                                         High-Speed Amplifiers
 TMC2193         10 Bit Encoder                                                          Part
                                                                                                                            Short Description
 TMC22071        Genlocking Video Digitizer                                              Number

 TMC22091        Digital Video Encoders/Layering Engine                                  NCS2500        200MHz Amplifier with disable

 TMC2242         Digital Half-Band Interpolating/Decimating Filter                       NCS2510        1.4GHz Amplifier

 TMC2246         Image Filter                                                            NCS2511        1GHz Amplifier

 TMC2249         Digital Mixer                                                           NCS2530A       Triple 200MHz Amplifier

 TMC2250         Matrix Multiplier                                                       NCS2550        200MHz Amplifier

 TMC2330         16 x 16 Bit, 40MOPS Coordinate Transformer                              NCS2551        500MHz Amplifier

 TMC2490         Multistandard Digital Video Encoder                                     NCS2552        750MHz Amplifier

 TMC2491         "Digital Video Encoder with Macrovision™ Copy Protection"
 TMC22153        Multistandard Digital Video Decoder

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Selection Guide March 28, 2008 Replacement Products (Continued) Analog to Digital Converters ADCs (Continued) Part Number Short Description Part Number Short Description SPT1175 8-Bit, 20 MSPS ADC SPT7920 12 Bit, 10MSPS ADC SPT574 12-Bit, 25μ ADC SPT7921 12 Bit, 20MSPS ADC SPT674 12-Bit, 15μ ADC SPT7922 12 Bit, 30MSPS ADC SPT7610 6 Bit, 1 GSPS Flash ADC SPT7935 12 Bit, 20MSPS, 79mW ADC SPT7710 8 Bit, 150 MSPS Flash ADC SPT7936 12-BIT, 28 MSPS Sampling ADC SPT7720 8 Bit, 200 MSPS ADC SPT7937 12-BIT, 28 MSPS, 170 mW ADC SPT7721 8-BIT, 250 MSPS ADC SPT7938 12 Bit, 40MSPS, 170mW ADC SPT7722 8-BIT, 250 MSPS ADC SPT8000 14-BIT, 20 MSPS, CMOS ADC SPT7725 8 Bit, 300 MSPS Flash ADC SPT8100 16-BIT, 5 MSPS CMOS ADC SPT7730 8 Bit ADC TMC1103 Triple Video ADC with Clamps SPT7734 8 Bit, 40 MSPS 175mW ADC SPT774 12-Bit, 8 µs ADC Digital to Analog Converters SPT7750 8 Bit, 500 MSPS Flash ADC Part Number Short Description SPT7755 8 Bit, 750 MSPS Flash ADC SPT1018 8-Bit, 275 MWPS DAC SPT7760 8 Bit, 1 GSPS Flash ADC SPT1019 8-Bit, 275 MWPS DAC w / Reference SPT7810 10-Bit, 20 MSPS ADC SPT5100 8-bit, 20 MWPS Dual DAC SPT7814 10-Bit, 40 MSPS ADC SPT5110 8-Bit, 30 MWPS Triple DAC SPT7820 10 Bit, 20MSPS ADC SPT5140 8-Bit, 400 MWPS DAC SPT7824 10 Bit, 40MSPS ADC SPT5220 10-Bit, 80 MWPS DAC SPT7830 10 Bit 2.5MSPS ADC SPT5230 10-BIT, 36 MWPS TRIPLE VIDEO DAC SPT7835 10 Bit, 5 MSPS, 75mW ADC SPT5240 10-bit, 400 MWP DAC SPT7840 10 Bit, 10 MSPS, 100 mW ADC SPT5300 12 Bit, 40 MWPS DAC SPT7850 10 Bit, 20MSPS, 140mW ADC SPT5310 12-Bit 250 MWPS DAC SPT7851 10 Bit, 20MSPS, 79mW ADC SPT5400 13-Bit Octal DAC SPT7852 Dual 10-BIT, 20 MSPS, 160mW ADC SPT5420 Octal - 13 Bit DAC w / HV output SPT7853 Triple, 10-Bit, 30MSPS ADC SPT5501 16 Bit, 200 MWPS DAC SPT7855 10 Bit, 25MSPS, 135mW ADC SPT5510 16 Bit, 200 MWPS DAC SPT7860 10 Bit, 40MSPS, 175mW ADC SPT9712 12 Bit, 100MWPS ECL DAC SPT7861 10 Bit, 40MSPS, 160mW ADC SPT9713 12 Bit, 100MWPS TTL DAC SPT7862 Dual 10-BIT, 40 MSPS ADC TMC3003 Triple 10 Bit Video DAC SPT7863 10 Bit, 40MSPS, 160mW ADC TMC3033 Triple 10 Bit Video DAC SPT7864 10 Bit, 40MSPS ADC TMC3503 Triple 8 Bit Video DAC SPT7866 10 Bit, 60MSPS ADC TMC3533 Triple 8 Bit Video DAC SPT7871 10 Bit, 100MSPS ADC TMC3810 Triple 8-bit Video DAC SPT7883 10 Bit, 70MSPS ADC SPT7910 12-BIT, 10 MSPS, ECL, ADC For additional information regarding our products, please visit CADEKA at: CADEKA Headquarters Loveland, Colorado T: 970.663.5452 T: 877.663.5452 (toll free) CADEKA, the CADEKA logo design, Comlinear, the Comlinear logo design and Arctic are trademarks or registered trademarks of CADEKA Microcircuits LLC. All other brand and product names may be trademarks of their respective companies. CADEKA reserves the right to make changes to any products and services herein at any time without notice. CADEKA does not assume any responsibility or liability arising out of the application or use of any product or service described herein, except as expressly agreed to in A m p l i fy t h e H u m a n E x p e r i e n c e writing by CADEKA; nor does the purchase, lease, or use of a product or service from CADEKA convey a license under any patent rights, copyrights, trademark rights, or any other of the intellectual property rights of CADEKA or of third parties. Copyright ©2007-2008 by CADEKA Microcircuits LLC. All rights reserved.