of digital audio converter IC’s
Although AKM is most well known for our premier digital audio converter products, we are about much
more than just audio. We also use our advanced mixed-signal process technology to design products
for applications including mobile communications, optical networking, telecom, and data storage.
Our products offer diverse functions such as laser diode drivers for networking and optical storage
applications, analog baseband, PLL’s and RF for CDMA handsets, transceivers for telecom equipment,
and PCM CODEC’s for telecom CPE. We also take advantage of our analog design experience to create
innovative products such as the electronic compass detailed on this page.
Hands-Free Solution
The AK2510A is a simple, low cost voice switch that
can enable high quality hands-free applications.
When combined with the PCM CODEC integrated
inside the AK4671, the AK2510A forms a complete
hands-free and audio player solution.
• Automatic voice path switching
• Based on detected voice levels
• Versatile interface: PCM or 16-bit linear
• Selectable A-Law or
• No external components
• Small package: 16-pin TSSOP
-Axis Electronic Compass
GPS-enabled navigation systems are becoming quite common. One of the drawbacks with these systems
is the user’s perception of the map direction. Most maps are drawn with north at the top of the map.
If the user is oriented in a different direction, they can become confused. The most useful navigation
system re-orients the map in the user’s direction, possible with an electronic compass.
• -axis geomagnetic sensing system
•  integrated Hall-Effect sensors
• Internal self-calibration
• EEPROM for storing calibration values
• 8-bit ADC for digital output
• Azimuth correction software available
• 8-bit DAC for offset correction
• Low power: mW, 0.uA standby mode
• 16-pin QFN package (4mm x 4mm)
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