of digital audio converter IC’s
Video Amplifiers
In addition to converters, AKM has video amplifiers
for space and cost-sensitive applications. A
charge pump is used to create a negative rail for
the amplifier, so when operating off of a single
+3V power supply, the video output is ground -
referenced, and the output can be direct coupled
to the jack. The charge pump makes it easy to
eliminate the traditional large and expensive
coupling capacitors found in video outputs. The
product family saves further space by fixing the
gain, eliminating gain-setting pins and feedback
• Cap-less video amp family:
• AK450: +6dB
• AK451: +9dB
• AK45: +1dB
• AK45: +15dB
• Single channel video amp
• Integrated charge pump
• Ground-referenced output
• No coupling capacitor
• Low pass filter (-0.5dB at 6.75MHz)
• Fixed gain:
• Select by part number
• Single +V power supply
• Power consumption: 0mW
• 8-pin USON package (.mm X .mm)
Digital BTSC Decoder
• Digital BTSC decoder
• Ideal for digital STB / TV applications
• FM modulator accepts 4.5MHz carrier
• Alignment-free digital BTSC decoding
• Output: selectable mono / stereo / SAP
• Digital volume control (5 steps)
• Audio interface:
• 16-bit MSB justified / I

• SNR: 70dB; THD+N: 0.%
• Power supply: .V
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