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Video Products
AKM now offers data data conversion circuits for digital video applications. By focusing on the needs
of mobile video applications, AKM consistently designs products that meet the specific requirements
for handheld video devices. AKM mobile video products primarily use composite video only, requiring
a single data conversion circuit. Unlike traditional video encoders and decoders that use two or three
converter circuits, AKM’s single converter architecture holds down cost, power, and size. Offering both
encoders and decoders that need less than 100mW of power extends battery life for mobile products.
NTSC/PAL decoder and encoder applications:
Multimedia-enabled mobile phones
• Portable media players
• Wireless media players
• Portable video recorders
• Remote security cameras
• Video capture cards
Highly Integrated Encoder
Low Power Decoder
• NTSC/PAL composite video encoder
• 9-bit video DAC
• 7MHz mode:
• ITU601 YCbCr 4:: 8-bit data
• 4.5454MHZ mode (square pixel):
• HSYNC / VSYNC slave operation
• Integrated 6dB video driver and filter
• Internal color bar / black burst generator
• Low power: V, 100mW, 10µA standby
• 41-pin BGA package (0.5mm pitch)
• NTSC/PAL composite video decoder
• 10-bit ADC fs = 4.5454 or 7MHz
• Flexible output scaling:
• Rotated QVGA or CIF
• Variable frame rate:
• NTSC: 0/15/7.5; PAL: 5/1.5/6.5
• Output data: YCbCr (4::)
• Output interface: Camera, 656, or HVDV
• Low power: V, 90mW with 1µA standby
• G: 41-pin BGA package (0.5mm pitch)
• N: 48-pin QFN package (0.5mm pitch)
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