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A higher level of voice processing performance is expected for cutting-edge multimedia applications. AKM’s high
performance digital audio products have proven to meet these expectations, and are used in multimedia applications
throughout the world. AKM is realizing the advancement of next-generation digital audio performance through the
development of products which meet market needs for low power consumption, high quality audio solutions with its
delta-sigma and self-calibration technologies backed by vital experience and know-how.
Consumer audio ADC’s, DAC’s, CODEC’s
Professional audio ADC’s, DAC’s, CODEC’s
Audio DSP’s with integrated CODEC’s
Digital audio interface and sample rate converters
USB audio converters
Class D audio amps
Wireless Communications
AKM has earned a reputation for outstanding analog-digital mixed signal technology, securing a leading share of the
world market for mobile communications IC’s. AKM products featuring high performance, high integration, and low
power consumption are used in a broad range of wireless and communications applications. Development is ongoing
for next generation products which meet the emerging needs for greater speed, performance, and precision in mobile
A/V converters and processors
Electronic compass for GPS services
Baseband processors for W-CDMA
RF and power management for W-CDMA
Image and Video Processing
AKM’s rich variety of image processing front-ends for image scanners, FAX machines, digital copiers, and multi-
function peripherals meet a wide range of high-precision, high-resolution image processing needs. The lineup also
includes video ADCs for high-pixel-count CCDs, ADCs for high-speed signal conversion, and ICs with NTSC/PAL
signal processing inputs and outputs. AKM’s cutting-edge image processing ICs are expanding the possibilities for
development of new, high performance multimedia equipment.
Analog front-ends for FAX, MFP, scanners, copiers
NTSC/PAL decoders and encoders
SD and HD video encoders
SD and HD video filters and drivers
Crystal Oscillator IC’s
Main clock modules of digital cellular and digital cordless phones conventionally require several discrete parts, including
a thermistor as a temperature sensor, and a variable diode as an oscillator. Analog Temperature Compensated Crystal
Oscillator (TCXO) ICs from AKM provide a compact, 1-chip solution that meets the need for clock modules, as portable
handsets become progressively smaller.
Touchscreen Controllers
AKM offers a complete family of touchscreen controllers, including devices with integrated audio converters. Flexible
control interfaces include both SPI format and I
C format. Designed for portable products, AKM touchscreen controllers
offer very low power consumption in small packages, ranging down to 3mm X 4mm. Some products feature industry
standard pinouts and specifications for fast time-to-market.
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