Mixed-signal solutions for Aud
Technology Brief
Energy, vitality, know-how, and creativity have brought advances that make AKM a leader in key communications
and multimedia IC technologies. AKM is a world leader in two key technologies for communications and multimedia
applications: mixed-signal multimedia and ASSP DSP. This is accomplished through early perception of the technological
needs at the leading edge and rapid development of systems of high added value that effectively anticipate these
requirements. Development work is unrestrained by conventional methods or boundaries. AKM seeks and works
closely in technological alliance with leading experts and organizations at home and abroad. Its engineers participate
globally in leading scientific and technological symposia. It incorporates the most advanced process and development
equipment and systems available, from around the world, to provide IC’s that meet the emerging needs. It is a
corporation focused on the future, and united in its purpose.
The key to AKM’s success is the conceptualization, know-how, and innovation emerging from the stimulus and
synthesis of knowledge and experience in many fields. The Asahi Kasei Group, with fields of business ranging from
basic chemicals to pharmaceuticals and from polymers and apparel to luxury homes, is recognized in each field for
its distinctive approach to business and operations and its tradition of original research, development, and innovation
often leading to concepts and technologies that overturn the parameters of conventional wisdom. AKM, since its
inception, stands out even among the members of this group, for bold planning and flexible operation that break the
conventional mold, and for its strength in high-level technologies and their synthesis.
Key Mixed-Signal and Analog Technologies
Multi-level delta-sigma modulators
Extraordinary digital filters
Wideband audio ADC performance
Analog programmable gain amplifiers
Piezo speaker drivers
High power headphone amplifiers
Analog automatic level control (ALC)
Flat out-of-band noise delta-sigma converters
Charge pumps for generating negative rails
True capless headphone drivers
Low power video converters
Integrated video line drivers and filters
Class-D amplifiers with boost converters
High accuracy analog PLL’s
Adjustable and fixed gain microphone amplifiers
Dual-rail CMOS converters
Ground-referenced audio and video outputs
Analog and hybrid volume controls
Key Applications Served:
Core Technologies:
Mobile phones - A/V, GPS, RF, baseband
B-PON, G-PON infrastructure
Pro audio - studio, live, broadcast, IM
Video and still cameras
A/V receivers
Car audio
Set-top boxes
Media players
Video capture and playback
CMOS mixed-signal design
Delta-sigma self-calibration data converters
Switched capacitor / continuous time filters
Microphone amplifiers
Phase-locked loops
Class-D amplifiers
High performance digital filters
• Audio DSP
• Sub-micron CMOS (down to 0.18µ)
• EEPROM, BiCMOS, High Voltage CMOS
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