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Online account for the Diodes, Transistors, Thyristors and VRT-IC database (similar to vrt-dvd)
1 Year 45,00 Euro     
DVD vrt-dvd 2020 including online access for Diodes, Transistors, Thyristors and VRT-IC database new edition 2020!
1 dvd (windows® version) + 1 year online 69,00 Euro
Download version + 1 year online 59,00 Euro
Download version (2,9 GB) no shipping costs
Online account for digital integrated circuits database like CMOS/TTL/LOGIC/MIXED signal/SENSOR
1 year 30,00 Euro   
Online account for the analog circuits database like operational amplifiers, comparators, Power Management, analog switches, multiplexer, load switches
1 year 30,00 Euro
Online account for the database about optoelectronic components like optical emitters, radiation detectors, photo couplers, interrupters, sensors, graphic display and additional modules.
1 year 30,00 Euro

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